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CSS Checkbox Collection: Flat Bright Checkboxes in all colors

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  • Although we have literally thousands of form control styles available for free download here at CSS Checkbox, sometimes it's tough to generate your own collection of Checkboxes or form controls that look and feel like they "belong together." Although we have a very nice collection of CSS checkbox styles availble in our CSS Checkbox Starter Kit (available for download on our Home Page), some may want a similar collection of styles but with a bit of a different feel. That's why we've put together our CSS Checkbox Flat Bright Collection. This is a collection of eight standard sized checkboxes in various colors to give your designer's side a varied palette to work with. These checkboxes are all in the "Flat / Rounded" style that has become so popular in recent years. Colors included are Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple and Red. You can download the CSS Checkbox Flat Bright Collection by clicking this download link.

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