CSS Checkbox Javascript Patch

Let's get one thing straight. CSS Checkbox is cross browser compatible. That doesn't, however, mean that it we support versions of Internet Explorer that were freshly on the browser market 5+ years ago. As we don't really make any money through this site there was no real incentive to add support for old browsers.

In any event, several users over the past months have made requests and inquiries about CSS Checkbox support back to Internet Explorer 8. Since CSS Checkbox relies on some more modern CSS techniques to achieve the customized look and feel it is famous for, CSS Checkbox was having some trouble in older versions of Internet Explorer. Now, you can opt to add the Javascript Patch which uses vanilla JS to achieve the same effect on IE8 and IE7 as is done in modern browsers with pure CSS.

A special thank you goes out to Alan Nanut on this one for providing the vanilla JS architecture to make this patch possible. That is all. Thank you for using CSS Checkbox! Back to the CSS Checkbox Generator.